Instagraph gets cheaper, less limited

There are now at least 5 apps around which lets you upload to Instagram, but the app which started it all is still around, and all the new competition has forced the company to reduce both its price and its limits.

Just last week Instagraph was still $2.49, and only allowed 5 uploads per day to the Instagram photo sharing social network.

instagraphqrNow, after about 3 new Instagram clients popped up on the scene, the upload limit has been dropped, and the price is now also a much more reasonable $0.99.

Instagraph is still a much more limited Instagram client than Itsdagram for example, but according to the developers it will be much more difficult to block by Instagram, something which I think may soon become an issue.

If you are convinced by this argument, find Instagraph in the Windows Phone Store here.

Via WPC.