Instagram’s new donation sticker allows you to raise money for a nonprofit

At its annual developer conference yesterday, Instagram announced a new camera design including Create Mode, which will introduce an easy way to share without a photo or video. This new camera design will make it simpler to use effects and interactive stickers. This feature is now rolling out globally.

Instagram also announced new donation sticker in the US using which you can raise money for a nonprofit you care about directly through Instagram Stories.

To use this new feature, open the camera, take or upload a photo, tap the sticker icon and select the donation sticker from the tray. Choose a nonprofit to support and customize your fundraiser using creative tools. Once it’s live, swipe up on your story to view the total amount raised. 100% of the money you raise on Instagram goes to the nonprofit you are supporting.

Instagram will bring donation sticker globally in the coming months. Instagram also introduced a new way for creators to easily tag the brands they are wearing, allowing people to shop their favorite products without leaving the app.