Instagram will finally let you share multiple photos and videos in one post


22, 2017

Instagram is finally going to let users share multiple photos and videos in one post. In a blog post today, Instagram announced that it’s now going to allow users to share up to 10 photos and videos in one post from the mobile app. When you want to share multiple photos and videos in one post, you will be able to customize the order of the photos/videos, apply filters, and more.

You can choose to apply a filter to a certain picture, or you can also apply the same filter to all of the photos in a single set which is much nicer. Once you upload the photos/videos, it’ll show up as a single post in your followers’ feed, and they will be able to swipe to see all the photos in the carousel.

Here’s a video showing the feature off in action:

Instagram is rolling this new feature out to Android and iOS users initially, but it will likely be available to Windows 10 users at a later date. Instagram and its parent company Facebook has been pretty reliable when it comes to app updates and new features for their Windows 10 apps, so we expect this feature to arrive for Windows 10 in the coming weeks. As per usual though, we will make sure to let you know once the feature is actually available for Instagram in Windows 10.

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