Usually, the only way to enjoy the full Instagram experience is through the App because the desktop site doesn’t support direct messages.  While many people regard Instagram as their favourite social media site, Facebook often still remains their go-to when they’re at work, where it’s not possible to use their phone.

Now, a new change is about to bring both social media sites to a level playing field.

In an effort to provide useful new features to its users, Instagram is working on various interesting new features, including new effects for Boomerang; and more recently, the ability to pause stories.

In the latest experiment, Instagram is now trialling direct messages on its desktop site- but only for a small percentage of users (undoubtedly the “blue-tick” members).

This change is a prerequisite to the ultimate unified messaging experience which is to come, between not only Facebook and Instagram, but also Whatsapp.

Have any of our readers been chosen to participate in the trial?  Let us know below.

Source: Engadget