Instagram wants you to know how much time you waste on Instagram

Instagram is working on a way for users to keep track of how much time they spend on the app in the same way like tech juggernauts like Apple and Google have been investing in over the past few months.

The feature will be called “User Insights” and has been delved into by TechCrunch over the weekend, usage Insights lets users see just how much time they’ve spent in the app from day to day. They’ll be able to set their own limits. In essence, telling the app to gently nudge them to get off it after an hour or whatever time period set by the user.

Instagram also lets you limit how many notifications you get from the app, reducing the incentive to jump into the app when you aren’t actively using it in order to encourage users to make the best of their time when they’re using it.

Sure, some users will likely be irritated at the paternalism inherent in such features which tell you “hey, you’re singing your phone too much”, but there’s no denying that many users are addicted to their phones. Tools like this are becoming somewhat necessary, and perhaps, the most ubiquitous they become, the less useful they’ll be as users adopt these natural limitations.

Via TechCrunch