Instagram wants to make it easy for you to unfollow stragglers


21, 2019

Instagram is making it easy to unfollow people you don’t interact with. A new feature discovered by Facebook sleuth Jane Manchun Wong reveals a series of screenshots showing algorithmically generated groups such as users that don’t like or interact with your photos in any way. It also offers other groups based on topics.
A feature like this is relatively novel, compared to social media companies penchant to encourage users to make new connections, but it does make sense in general.

When using personal accounts, users often make connections further personal. If those connections eventually wane, then it may become wiser to let those connections die out and the users unfollow them easily.

Like all feature uncovered by Ms Wong, it’s unlikely that this will roll out any time soon. But it seems to be part of an increased set of functionality like Facebook’s new push for mental health. Purging your feed of unrelated or unwanted users may be an effective means.

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