Instagram users are being mass hacked by a mysterious group



Online security is something more and more users should take seriously. despite the addition of tools like two-factor authentication, users still find themselves falling victim to sophisticated hacks and phishing.

As per a report by Mashable, hundreds of Instagram users have found themselves hacked by mysterious individuals. The pattern has been the same for the most part, users are logged out, account details are changed to match Disney characters and their email accounts changed to a .ru email address.

The hackers in question have yet to actually do anything other than changing user details, but users are unable to recover the account or get help from Instagram’s regular account recovery tools. With emails changed, all many of them can do right now is yell into the void until Facebook decides to do something. Instagram’s policies actually prevent this from happening, for good reason, it would not do to give a user access to an account if he or she does not own the linked email or phone number, something these hackers were clearly aware of.

“We work hard to provide the Instagram community with a safe and secure experience,” an Instagram spokesperson told Mashable, “When we become aware of an account that has been compromised, we shut off access to the account and the people who’ve been affected are put through a remediation process so they can reset their password and take other necessary steps to secure their accounts.”

Source: Mashable

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