The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll at all the businesses but small businesses don’t have a safety net to fall back on making their sustainability a cause for concern. To help out businesses such as restaurants, Instagram has introduced new stickers in partnership with ChowNow.

For those who don’t know, ChowNow is a popular food ordering service that allows customers to place takeaway orders to local restaurants. With the partnership, Instagram will allow restaurants and other food services to add a ChowNow sticker to their stories. When a customer taps the story, they will be redirected to a pre-filed order and they can either buy gift cards or order food.

During this unprecedented pandemic, ChowNow has mobilized all its resources to help local restaurants survive and ultimately thrive, launching new products and services in record time. This Instagram feature is yet another valuable tool we’re offering our restaurant partners — at no cost to the restaurants — to help them drive more revenue and boost order volume without suffering the outrageous commissions and fees imposed by other delivery apps.

– Chris Webb, ChowNow’s CEO (via TechCrunch)

Food pictures are popular on Instagram and the new initiative should help restaurants market their signature dishes to the customers. The new stickers will be supported on Facebook as well so restaurants have a wider audience to market their services to during the pandemic. ChowNow handles payments directly but has partnerships with delivery services like DoorDash to deliver the food to the customers.