Instagram removes feature that let you see who screenshot your posts

Instagram was earlier testing a feature that effectively snitched on its users, allowing them to see who screenshot their stories, or not. Much like Snapchat, this feature would warn you the first time you tried it like an overbearing mother trying to warn you off doing something you shouldn’t. Screenshotted users would see a camera icon under their story, next to the name of the errant user.

Now, the firm has ceased testing the feature and now no longer shows whether users screenshot or not.

Its unclear why the firm decided to make this change at this time. It’s likely that users of Instagram via Windows 10 could have gotten around this feature using alternative screenshot methods (which by the way, we have an article on), but the firm may have just decided to lure my users from Snapchat by removing a feature some may find intrusive.

After all, the real fun of snooping on someone’s story is them not knowing that you’re doing it.

Via Gizmodo.