Instagram might soon let you mute others, react to stories

Facebook might be updating Instagram to make it better for Story users as well as improving privacy controls with support for muting users.

Muting users will presumably work like it does on Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to remain following a user while muting their pictures.

For users who want to avoid the social awkwardness of unfollowing someone, as unlikely as it may be, this would be a good solution.

Instagram is also testing a way to allow users to react to Stories like Messenger has for reactions to messages, and a Slow motion button for stories as well.

Finally, Instagram will have a nicer way for you to view story highlights in a calendar like view, one which differs from the regular one that’s offered. This means users can now more easily navigate through a whole year’s worth of Story updates in a pleasant interface.

These updates are currently being tested, and Facebook may roll them out sooner rather than later.

Via The Verge.