Instagram launches AI-based anti-bullying features



In an effort to curb online bullying Instagram today has rolled out a new important feature. Based on AI, the feature will encourage users to have a more positive interaction on the platform.

Instagram’s AI-powered feature is capable of detecting comments that have the potential to hurt someone. The new feature not only detects those comments but also notifies the commenter whether they really want to go ahead and post it or undo the comment. According to Instagram, the feature worked well so far and “it encourages some people to undo their comment and share something less hurtful.”

comment warning on Instagram

The Facebook-owned company is planning another new feature which will let the victim make a decision. Called restrict, the feature will allow you to restrict users on the platform. By doing so, you don’t actually block them from commenting on your images and sending you DMs. Instead, the feature will restrict those users from knowing when you’re active on Instagram and when you’ve read their DMs. And most importantly, you’ll not be able to see any comments on your posts from those users, the comments will be visible to them only. The best part, all of these will happen without the person knowing that you’ve restricted them.


The Restrict feature is currently in development and will be rolled out soon to the public.

Source: Instagram

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