Reverse engineer Jane Wong has discovered a new feature being worked on by Facebook for the Instagram app.

Not long after revealing that Twitter is working on Message Reaction Emojis, Jane revealed that Instagram may soon also get Reactions for Direct Messages.

Facebook has been working on the feature for some months, but it is currently only available to employees, and of course Jane.

Facebook is slowly adding features which allow Instagram to not only rotate around photos but also which boosts the communication element of the app, including improved DM support.

Facebook is set to ultimately merge the back-end of all their messaging apps (Instagram , WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger) and will likely have feature parity and interoperability between all the different apps, but with somewhat different skins.

At this point, it has not been revealed when this new feature will go public, but as Jane notes, Facebook’s Tech Comms Manager has confirmed it is real, suggesting it will not be too long.