Instagram is stealing Snapchat’s Discover feature too

Instagram is stealing yet another feature from Facebook as it debuts its own take on Snapchat’s Discover according to a report from TechCrunch.

The Facebook plan company will unveil a hub for ling-for video on the platform which will take on not just Snapchat, but YouTube as well. The service will look for YouTube experienced creators to craft content that is optimised for mobile, so more vertical video, more full-screen content and high resolution up to 4K to account for the high quality of their content.

Instagram plans to pay creators and publishers for their content in future, but for now, it’ll let content partners strive traffic to their websites or commence stores with the swipe up feature.

TechCrunch had the following to say about Instagram and Snapchat:

YouTube is the stronger foe. Its ad revenue sharing agreements and massive engagement have made it the go-to platform for video makers. Still, creators are always looking to build their fan bases, earn more money and promote their other online presences. Instagram’s wildfire growth and the familiarity of following people there could make the long-form video section worth embracing.

The feature has big potential as long as it’s not too interruptive of people’s entrenched feed-scrolling and Story-tapping behavior patterns. Instagram will also have to convince creators to shoot their content vertically or find ways to gracefully crop it, and some may be apprehensive if they typically shoot in landscape for traditional video players.

The firm allegedly expected to launch this service on June 20th.

Source: TechCrunch

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