In an attempt to stay relevant in the market, Facebook-owned Instagram has released a new update that adds much-needed editing and effects to Boomerang.

While these features and effects are new for Instagram, they aren’t strictly new for the users as a couple of effects are taken directly from Snapchat and others are from TikTok. That said, the addition of new effects should give you more reasons to use Boomerang which felt a bit boring in the past.

Here are the new effects you can add and how Instagram described them to TechCrunch in a statement:

  • SlowMo – Reduces Boomerangs to half-speed so they play for two seconds in each direction instead of one second. “Slows down your Boomerang to capture each detail”
  • Echo – Adds a motion blur effect so a translucent trail appears behind anything moving, almost like you’re drunk or tripping. “Creates a double vision effect.”
  • Duo – Rapidly rewinds the clip to the beginning with a glitchy, digitized look. “Both speeds up and slows down your Boomerang, adding a texturized effect.”
  • Trimming – Shorten your Boomerang with similar controls to iPhone’s camera roll or the Instagram feed video composer. “Edit the length of your Boomerang, and when it starts or ends.”

The feature update is rolling out to Instagram users right now. You can either wait for it to install automatically or can head to the app store and grab the new update manually.