Inspired by Windows 8, Weave 3.0 takes Metro on Windows Phone to a new level

Press Release: Seles Games – makers of the popular “Windows Phone News” app – is proud to announce the latest update to their signature news reader Weave. For the first time ever, Weave is now available as a FREE application.

Weave 3.0 has been rebuilt from the ground up to be faster, more beautiful, and easier to use than ever. The redesign of the app was inspired by the new tablet interface for Windows 8. The changes reflect a more evolved take on Metro – ideal for anyone tired of all the various apps that look exactly alike!

List of new features in v3.0:

  • Powered by Windows Azure, all feed parsing now happens “in the cloud”. End result – news articles come in much faster than before, regardless of how many feeds and categories you have enabled
  • New article coloring: when in an article list, all old articles will appear in your phone’s accent color. New articles, however, will appear in the complementary color of your phone’s accent color.
  • The number of new articles is now highlighted in the phone’s accent color on the top right of the article list page, above the page count,
  • Article list has a new UI. The application bar at the bottom of the screen has been removed. The ‘refresh’, ‘previous page’, and ‘next page’ buttons have all been moved to the top left side of the page. This frees up more pixels vertically, and we feel leads to a better look overall. Additionally, a settings button has been added to that page.
  • The ‘settings’ button now links to a new page that lets you select amongst different preset font sizes. You can also change the font thickness/weight.
  • You also have checkboxes to toggle what actions happen when you tap on an article, giving you more control over how Weave functions.
  • You can now toggle the System Tray (i.e. time, battery life, WiFi, etc.) on or off on the article list page.
  • At the top of the page, you can now tap on the large category name to bring down a navigation menu that takes you directly to another category!
  • New ‘share’ button. Tapping it once brings up the share tiles (5 of them: Instapaper, Twitter, email, Facebook, Internet Explorer). Aside from looking cooler, we feel this new approach is easier and faster to use.
  • Most animations throughout the application have been sped up.

Download the free version of Weave here (opens Zune).

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