How much does it cost to get .ing domain? Ps: It’s your wallet

November 2, 2023

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Google has just announced that it’s launched a new top-level .ing domain, which allows users to create websites with a single word. The question is, how much does it cost?

The tech giant offers early access to these domains, but you’ll have to pay an extra “one-time” fee. The fee decreases each day until December 5th, when .ing domains will be available to everyone at the regular price.

Only a select group of domain providers, approved by Google, offer the .ing domain extension yet. Even popular providers like Hostinger and don’t have it. The price of a .ing domain itself varies depending on the name, but we are looking into some of the most creative options available from top providers like GoDaddy.

Some domains are an absolute way to break your bank. For example, you can pre-register for $3,9k a year on GoDaddy, but if you want to get into the priority pre-registration phase, you’ll need to pay at least $1.2 million to get the earliest phase.

The most expensive .ing domains cost $130,000 per year, such as and Domains like and are more affordable at $39,000 per year. There are also some very cheap .ing domains, such as (with the a). Some domains, such as,, and, have already been taken.

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