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Infoworld has reviewed the iPaq 910 smartphone from the point of view of a business user, and have come away impressed.  The said:

I just finished testing one of the first preproduction units for two weeks and discovered several notable design changes from the blueprint announced last year. These improvements, HP utilities added on top of Windows Mobile, and top-end specifications should make this device very appealing to on-the-go professionals and the IT departments supporting them.

Their conclusion:

BlackBerry, beware
After testing, I have a hard time faulting the HP iPaq 910 Business Messenger as a Windows Mobile 6.1 device. It combines well-constructed hardware with versatile connectivity, plus a very good collection of contemporary features, including camera and GPS. The various input options, dedicated feature keys, and special software configuration contribute to fine usability.

Based on specifications, the iPaq 910c edges the BlackBerry Curve, although HP’s offering will be surpassed in several ways by the new BlackBerry Bold (which hasn’t shipped as of this writing). Therefore, I suspect few will be swayed to jump ship; rather, current users of either platform have a lot of reasons to upgrade their existing devices. And that surfaces the one gripe I have with HP and its mobile products: It’s rare for the company to provide OS upgrades to existing iPaq users. So if you want Windows Mobile 6.1, plan to pay for this new hardware.

Read the full review here.

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