Infosys announces new managed security solution powered by Microsoft Azure Sentinel


27, 2019

Early this year, Microsoft announced Azure Sentinel, a native Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool built within Azure. Azure Sentinel enables SecOps teams to see and stop threats before they cause any harm to the organizations. Azure Sentinel is powered by AI to reduce noise and Microsoft claims that you can see an overall reduction of up to 90 percent in alert fatigue.

Infosys, a leading IT services company in the world, has now announced the launch of its Cyber Next platform-based offerings, which are powered by Azure Sentinel. With the power of Azure Sentinel, Infosys will help enterprises improve security monitoring, management, threat detection, and response services.

Highlights of Infosys Cyber Next platform:

  • Cyber Next includes round-the-clock monitoring, lifecycle management and incident investigations, coupled with real-time threat intelligence for SIEM data enrichment.
  • Cyber Next will be delivered via a globally distributed network of Cyber Defense Centers, staffed with platform experts and skilled security analysts.
  • Infosys’ extensive security operations, managed security service capabilities, and a rich library of use cases, play books and pre-defined rules for ready ITSM integration, will help clients optimize Security Operations Center (SOC) efficiency and maturity.

“We have a responsibility to bring new cybersecurity capabilities to our customers. By combining the strengths of the Microsoft security portfolio with Infosys service offerings, enterprises are able to better manage their security posture and navigate the changing threat landscape by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence,” said Ann Johnson, corporate vice president, Cybersecurity Solutions Group, Microsoft.

“We are developing next-generation platform-based offerings that leverage Azure Sentinel to help customers simplify their security operations, and scale as they grow. The core functionalities offered by Azure Sentinel aligns with our philosophy of ‘diagnose, design, deliver and defend’ for leapfrogging the cybersecurity maturity model, and leveraging intelligent analytics for effective SOC operations,” said Vishal Salvi, CISO & Head CyberSecurity Practice, Infosys.

Source: Infosys

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