As part of a mid-season update, Infinity Ward has removed the ‘OK’ gesture from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone and implemented the ‘crush’ gesture in its place.

First spotted on Reddit by u/C_Collins99 (via Eurogamer), the ‘OK’ gesture has disappeared entirely from the game’s gestures menu.

The ‘OK’ hand gesture sees the player doing putting together their index finger and thumb to form a circle while leaving the other three fingers upright. The ‘crush’ gesture has the player pointing and pulling their fist down in a crushing motion.

The removal of the ‘OK’ hand gesture from Call of Duty hasn’t left players without any option to tell their teammates (or enemies) that they’re fine, though – the ‘thumbs up’ gesture still exists in the gestures menu.

While Infinity Ward provided no explanation for the gesture’s removal, it’s most likely due to the appropriation of the symbol by far-right hate groups. As the Anti-Defamation League explains on its website, back in 2017, several members of 4chan decided to “falsely promote the gesture as a hate symbol.”

The prank was overly effective, though, leading the media to run with the false claims and for far-right hate groups to start genuinely co-opting the gesture as a symbol of “white power” in 2019.

We’ll update this article if Infinity Ward provides an explanation for the gesture’s removal.

In related news, Infinity Ward recently vowed to start tackling racism in online Call of Duty games by doing things such as “adding additional resources to monitor and ID racist content,” adding filters, making it easier to report offences, and more.