Infinity Blade was initially envisioned as a Kinect game

Infinity Blade, the highly touted, visually stunning 3D game for the iOS platform that has managed to rake up $1.6 million dollars in just five days, was initially conceived as a Kinect game. Speaking with gaming site Joystiq, Chair Entertainment cofounder Donald Mustard had this to say

We always have some cool ideas on deck, and kind of the inception of Infinity Blade began as a discussion around: ‘If we were going to make a Kinect title, what would we make? What would a Chair Kinect game look like?’," Mustard revealed. "That discussion happened, you know, a year and a half ago. We had this really cool design, and it’s not that dissimilar from the game you’re playing today; it’s just been refined and adapted to the iOS screen, which honestly I think is where the design works the best

Mr. Mustard reiterated that even though the Kinect controller sparked the idea, the iOS version is original to that platform and not a port from a Microsoft game. Luckily, he is open to bringing the game to the Xbox 360 console (and hopefully Windows Phone 7) if the Kinect controller takes off over the holiday season. I think the ball is on their court now with Microsoft’s motion controller projected to sell over 5 million units by years end. Would you guys like to see this game on Xbox live on the 360 console and WP7 devices?

Source gameinformer, engadget, mobiledia

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