Indie dev says Microsoft is actively looking for games to get as Xbox exclusives

A constant criticism this generation for Microsoft has been Xbox’s lackluster exclusive lineup. Whether its fewer exclusive releases altogether or lower profile launches that don’t garner a lot of buzz, Xbox has fallen behind Nintendo and Sony. Thankfully, this seems to be a problem that is being rectified.

Months ago, Phil Spencer spoke with Bloomberg in an interview where he stated that the company was looking to increase investment in first-party games, whether by starting new studios or acquiring existing ones. This plan excited fans, but for some it seemed like meaningless talk with nothing to show for it. Now an indie developer has backed up this claim.

Over on ResetEra, a developer from indie studio Flashbulb Games revealed in a post that they “know for sure” that Microsoft has its check book out and is seeking more exclusive titles (via GamingBolt).

“Without going into too much detail, I know for sure that Microsoft have got their cheque book out and are actively seeking out both smaller and larger titles they can get as an Xbox exclusive, both timed and full on.”

While this isn’t an official comment, it does line up with plans that Microsoft has already revealed. Xbox has suffered a few notable delays and cancellations in recent years—Crackdown 3, Scalebound, Fable Legends—so it makes sense that for now the company is keeping its cards close to its chest.

Hopefully E3 2018 is good this year.