Now Facebook wants your blood too (and that’s a good thing)

Facebook wants to know who your location, your relationship status, who your friends and family are, your baby pictures and now they are even after your blood.

In this case, however, giving the social networking giant a bit more information is actually a good thing and could help those who are desperately in need.

On India’s National Blood Donor day, Facebook is launching a brand-new feature that’ll help citizens easily find blood donors. The company is launching a new feature dedicated to blood donors and people in need of safe blood on its Android app and the web that’ll help increase blood donations in the country.

The feature will let users register themselves as a blood donor if they are interested in donating their blood. And when someone is in need of some blood, they can post on Facebook and try to find blood donors nearby. When someone is looking for a blood donor, nearby blood donors with the same blood type will be notified through Facebook, and they will have the option to reach out to the person via Messenger, WhatsApp, or a direct phone call.

Facebook’s new feature to help increase blood donations seems like a very good idea, especially since there’s already a shortage of blood in India. Facebook is stupendously popular in India as well, so this feature might actually help the Indian government tackle blood storage in the country.

Source: Facebook | Via: The Verge