Independent Windows Phone 7 developer made $61,000 last year


2, 2012


Elbert Perez, the developer of Impossible Shoota and numerous other Windows Phone 7 games and apps, have posted on his experience of developing for Windows Phone 7 in 2011.

Elbert has 14 apps in Marketplace, which has earned him a total of $61,321.58.  The earnings are not spread evenly  amongst the apps, with some app genre experiments failing, but then the secret for success is probably to constantly explore the niches to make sure one does not overlook an untapped seam of income.

He also notes that income can be inconsistent month to month, and that running a business is much more complicated than simply working for some-one else, but that overall 2011 has been a good year, and he was looking forward to 2012 with the hopes of even better games and better revenue.

Hopefully Elbert’s openness can serve as inspiration to others and confirm that there is money to be made in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace for hardworking and savvy developers.

Read more of Elbert’s pearls of wisdom at his site here.


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