An open-world Star Wars game that was in development at EA Vancouver has been cancelled, according to an article from Kotaku.

The game was announced in 2017 along with the shutdown of Visceral Games. Visceral Games had originally been working on the new Star Wars project prior to being shut down, at which point EA Vancouver became the main studio working on the game.

Kotaku are reporting that according to three people ‘familiar with goings-on at the company’, the project has been entirely scrapped. Kotaku also noted that EA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Little was known about the Star Wars game aside from that after EA Vancouver took over the project, they changed it into an open-world game. It’s unknown if any other details about the game will surface in the wake of its cancellation.

Visceral Games was an American studio owned by Electronic Arts and most well known for the Dead Space series before being made defunct in October 2017. Before being shut down, Visceral were working on a Star Wars game demo with EA Vancouver’s help.

While given the green light to continue development on the game in mid-2017, the studio was nonetheless dissolved only a few months later, and the project was reassigned to EA Worldwide Studios (led by EA Vancouver).

In June 2018, Amy Hennig (former creative director for Visceral Games) announced that she had left EA in January. She said that at the time of her departure, the work on the Star Wars game had been put on hold and EA Vancouver were focusing their priorities elsewhere instead.

Source: Kotaku.