In-App Purchases In Game Troopers Games On Sale For Limited Time

Tiny Troopers Windows Store

In-app purchases in blockbuster games from publisher Game Troopers such as “Overkill 3,” “Monster Go,” and “Tiny Troopers” are discounted through August 6. From now through August 6, Windows Phone users can save up to 33 percent off the price of select in-game purchases in the free games “Make It Rain,” “Tiny Troopers,” “Overkill 3,” “Monster Go,” and “What in the World.”

Tiny Troopers Sample discounts:

Starter Pack—Sale price: $1.99 USD (was $2.49 USD)
7 Medals—Sale price: $1.49 USD (was $1.99 USD)
Double XP—Sale price: $1.49 USD (was $1.99 USD)
Double CP—Sale price: $1.49 USD (was $1.99 USD)
5,000,000 CP—Sale price: $13.99 USD (was $20.99 USD)

Read the whole list here.