iMulator… Ready For Your Audio

If your home screen does not support a music player or you are bored with S2P, this new music player could be in your future.image This new iPhone cloned music player is ironically called iMulator. It was created by XDA member reb3lzrr, who noticed that even though HTC produces many of the Windows Phones, some people do not own a HTC device and have to live with a bad music player, so he set out to fix that. His new music player is still very new… being released just early last week, it will undergo much updates before it can be perfect.

If you are in the mod for a test, here is what the developer had to say:

About ‘iMulator’:
I’m the proud owner of a HTC Touch Pro 2 but (as many other Windows Mobile devices) it lacks a truly good music player. Most of the music players that are available for this platform don’t have the features I look for. It bothered me so much that I almost regretted buying a TP2 instead of an iPhone. I wanted a music player that had the following features:
– Library based
– Finger friendly
– Works smooth
– Lets you find and play your song in no-time

With this list I decided to make an iPhone Music Player Emulator

What is NOT(yet) in it?
– The Landscape album view. ( will NOT not be implemented )
– Playlists. ( will come -> see faq on next page)
– The ‘AlbumArt’ icons when browsing Albums ( will come )

This seems like something of you are interested in? Download it over at XDA