Improving the Microsoft Services Agreement and Privacy Statement for consumers

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Microsoft yesterday announced that they are updating the Microsoft Services Agreement and the Microsoft Privacy Statement from Aug. 1 in an effort to further simplify the terms and policies for customers. This will cover most of Microsoft’s consumer services, including Bing, Cortana, Microsoft account, OneDrive,, Skype and Xbox Live.

They updated agreement and privacy statement guided by a few key principles:

  1. Simplicity: These changes bring together a number of previously separate – and often repetitive – documents to make it easier for customers to find and understand the information. Instead of agreeing to separate terms and statements for each service, customers who use more than one Microsoft service will be able to accept once for multiple services and review one privacy statement.
  2. Transparency: Although we’ve simplified and consolidated the terms and policies, we didn’t want to over-simplify, either. We want to give consumers meaningful information about how we collect and use personal data. Thus, the privacy statement still provides the service-level details our customers need in order to understand the privacy implications of the services they use.
  3. Privacy: These statements reiterate what we’ve said in the past: We don’t use customer communications to serve targeted ads to customers and we are committed to putting customers in control of their information.

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