Imperium – Rise of the Sun


8, 2015

Welcome to Imperium – Rise of the Sun

Imperium game for Windows Phone and Xbox

Imperium – ROTS is the sequel to the popular role-playing game Imperium exclusively for Windows Phone created by indie game studio, Neuralnet.

Imperium – Rise of the Sun follows the story of our champion from the first game when the Empire of the Sun and the power-hungry Emperor crashes down in your world looking for the Crystals of ancient legendary Imperators to be able to conquer your world, Eteria.

With over 120 new Imperators, over 100 unique attacks you are able to create your own unique Imperator! And with the addition of Transmutation, Fusion, Imperator Tournament and Legendary Imperators there are hours and hours of fun gameplay.

Imperium – ROTS also enables all players to battle Online! You are able to put to the ultimate test your Imperators and battle online players at any time and increase their ranking on our Imperium Leader board.

Play Imperium – Rise of the Sun for free today!

Find it in the Windows Phone Store here.


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