iMaterialise shows how to 3D Print a usable Nokia Lumia 820 case



Myth buster: 3D printing a Nokia Lumia 820 case is a piece of cake

Nokia recently released 3D schematics to print a back cover for the Nokia Lumia 820.

The effort was well received, but we soon heard from the Verge that the plans produced a cover far too brittle to be used in real life.

iMaterialise however decided to do some testing and tinkering on the files, and finally produced a case that is indeed fully functional.

In the final product they:

  • Made the walls of the file thicker (2 mm, from 0.9 mm)
  • Adjusted and fine-tuned the button functionality
  • Decided upon the best print orientation
  • Choose the best materials to print in

See how they did it after the break.

3D printing the Nokia Lumia 820's first functional case

The company are planning to release the modified design on Thingiverse soon.

While all these work is great, I think the real value would be in creating designs Nokia did not release, for example a case with a kickstand in it, or with an attachment for a tripod or even better camera lenses.

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