Images Of Upcoming Low-End Microsoft Lumia Device RM-1090 Leaked



Microsoft recently revealed that they will be phasing out ‘Nokia Lumia’ brand for ‘Microsoft Lumia’ brand going forward. Today, an upcoming low-end Windows Phone device with Microsoft branding got leaked on Chinese forums. This device named RM-1090 has passed certification of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of the Chinese government.

During the re-branding announcement, Microsoft announced they will be sharing information about a new Lumia device soon. This could be the new Lumia device and by observing the design of it, I guess it could be the successor to Lumia 530. It lacks camera button, but includes a front cam and I hope Microsoft has upgraded its RAM to 1GB.

Find more images below.



Thanks to hengxiang32401 for the heads up!

Source: Weibo

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