Image Map Plus available for free for a limited time only.

Image Map Plus is the best and most complete mapping application that allows you to re-live your memories by showing you where you took a particular photo. Did you remember what you did and where you went on the trip last month? Image Map Plus shows you all places you visited and took pictures at. Review and remember these precious moments like never before. Image Map Plus leverages the enhanced GPS location information that your phone stores for each photo to pinpoint where the photo was taken on a map.

But this is not the only thing that Image Map Plus is. It is the first and only fully functional EXIF editor for windows phone 7. This app got really good reviews from many major windows phone websites. Plus version is the advanced version of the editor, allowing to view and edit metadata (including geo tag data) for unlimited number of photos. Recently released update adds easy photo rename function and several bug fixes and interface improvements. Now, for a limited time only (until end of February) this app, which is usually $1.99 is available completely for free. Grab it now to get this full version and you will receive all updates for it for free too.

Image Map Plus. Available in English and Russian.