I’m Staying After All

If you did not get the chance to read the article I wrote of the upcoming event (you will not anymore) I said I was to leave, well it seems I will be staying. After all the good comments, and Surur talking me out of it, I decided to stay in the game. I was very happy that many of you wanted me to continue writing on the blog. I promise as time goes by my writing will be as perfect as Windows Phone 7 (Haha, I think its perfect). I am sure if you read the site back in November when I first started, you have noticed I have been improving, and those improvements are still coming day by day. I am happy that I will be staying, and hope my content helps you and keeps you informed on what is going on around in the Windows Phone 7 world.


Here is my response to some of the comments left in my bye bye post:

he speaks too well for that. I don;t know the cirumstances behind these posts, other than his language, which I don’t believe since he speaks too well.

Haha, speaking well has nothing to do with anything. It took me about 1 year to learn to speak English ( I guess because I forgot how to speak French, Ndop-Pidgin, and the other 2 languages I already knew). Now reading and writing (things I was never even thought to do) did not happen for me till 4 years later when I could read (a little), but still couldn’t write a paragraph.

Lots of ppl defending you, Wen. Wonder where they were when you needed them ;-)

I am still here, so it seems they were where they needed to be. 🙂

Now I most say I need to work a little faster to perfecting my articles because when WP7 comes around, I want to be able to write perfect articles on a regular schedule. Hope I did not crush your dreams of me leaving, but it seems even more people want me to stay. Comment below and tell me how you feel about this, and look out for the video I will post tomorrow showing off my HTC HD2. My device is what I call “The best HD2 out there”, so unless someone thinks their device is better and can prove it, I will make an award and give it to myself.

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