I’m moving 1.5 Mango released !

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Let Relocation Wizard guide you into simplifying your life, make sure you not forget a thing, and help you plan for your great move without any stress!

This practical application contains :

  • the anticipated common tasks list
  • a planner
  • a calendar for execution of the plan
  • the ability to annotate your plans.

The demo version provides full access for the first 5 launches. You will then be limited to safeguard your personal data.

v 1.1 :

  • Functional improvement
  • Visual improvements

v 1.2/1.3/1.4 :

  • Modification of the demo version (5 launches in full access)
  • Functional improvement
  • Visual improvements

qrcodev1.5 (Mango exclusively) :

  • Management of alerts
  • Performance improvement
  • Functional improvements
  • Visual improvements

Try ‘I’m moving’ for free in Marketplace here or download the free sponsored version.