Illusions & More App for Windows Phone 7


29, 2011

Illusions & More

Prepare to be amazed and even draw a smile upon your face! Inside this app you will find a large collection of the world’s most powerful optical illusions, 3D street artwork and a large number of funny pictures so you can start your day with a funny picture.


  • 117 Illusions.
  • 422 3D street atrworks.
  • 1083 funny pictures.
  • You can save your favorites.
  • You can even save the pictures in your media library so you can send them to your Facebook account, SkyDrive, eMail and SMS.

What will be next:

  • Sharing photos from the app.
  • More and more photos.

Illusions and More is $0.99 with a free trial and can be found in Marketplace here.

Find us in: Facebooktwitter.

See some more images from the app after the break:

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