As is traditional, repair company iFixit has torn down the Surface Duo and delivered their repairability score.

In the process, they uncovered a surprisingly innovative device that on occasion looked like “nothing we remember seeing before.

Inevitably however some compromises had to be made due to the very slim form factor.

They note that while the displays and back glass covers could be replaced without disassembling any other components, accessing anything else was somewhat of the nightmare, with the following issues:

  • Batteries are glued and require extensive disassembly to service.
  • The USB-C port is soldered directly to the main board.
  • Uncommon tri-point screws secure key components.
  • Delicate OLED panels are not well protected from accidental prying, yet must be removed for most repairs.
  • Stubborn glue at all entry points complicates any repair attempt.

The device, therefore, earned an unsurprising 2/10. The team commented that the slim and light device may not be intended to be repaired, even by Microsoft.

Read their detailed teardown here.