iFixit awards Samsung Galaxy Fold a repairability score of 2

After almost six months, Samsung is finally shipping out its first foldable smartphone to the customers. Earlier iFixit managed to get a hold of Galaxy Fold and they noticed design flaws in the device. Soon after the teardown went online, Samsung requested iFixit to take down the teardown since the device was not available for retail.

Now that Samsung has started shipping the device to customers, iFixit published a new teardown of the improved Galaxy Fold. During the rather long teardown, iFixit pointed out to the improvements made by Samsung over the previous Galaxy Fold. However, that didn’t help Samsung achieve a higher repairability score. iFixit awarded Galaxy Fold a score of 2 out of 10. They listed down reasons for such a low score, which you can read below.

  • A single Phillips driver takes care of all the screws.
  • Many components are modular and can be replaced independently.
  • The mechanics involved in the fold are likely to wear over time, causing stress to hinges and display, necessitating eventual replacement.
  • The fragility of the main display mean you’ll almost certainly be replacing it before long—a pricey repair.
  • Battery replacements are possible, but unnecessarily difficult—solvents help, but risk damage to the display supports.
  • Glued-down glass both front and back means greater risk of breakage, and makes repairs difficult to start.
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If you’re interested then you can head to iFixit’s website to check out the full teardown and see the various components involved in Samsung’s first foldable smartphone.