IFA 2011 : Samsung not showing any Windows Phone 7 handsets

At IFA 2011 Samsung is present at various stands with mini-stands of Samsung, but their biggest stand  is in hall 20 where there is huge, majestic show presented by the company. I was in that hall with majestic Samsung exposition and I was also in other mini-stands of Samsung e.g. at carriers etc. hunting for any sign of Samsung’s Windows Phones.

The result: Samsung was not showing  even one Windows Phone cellphone!!!! Not even one and I was asking Germans, Brits and Koreans at Samsung stands.

Samsung is presenting their own Bada OS with Wave 3 handsets and Android powered mega-phone Samsung Note with 5 inch display and of course Samsung Galaxy S2 of course, also in comfy white.

I am flabbergasted. Here is a consumer electronics show, even bigger than American CES, Samsung is spending millions over millions of money on this show, and I can’t get even find one Windows Phone unit from them to check out?

Answer I got is clear: Samsung is focusing on Bada OS and on Android. Samsung obviously cannot stand that Microsoft jumped in bed with Nokia, and their commitment to Windows phone 7 now seems very poor.