IFA 2011 : Microsoft stand + Windows Phone general situation

So, I am now reporting to you live from IFA 2011 trade show:

Let me tell you general situation about Windows Phone at IFA 2011, but first let’s take a short look at Microsoft stand at IFA, which is placed outdoors in so called “Sommergarten” (summer garden), on the left side near the entrance to this garden:

As you can observe from photo proof above, nobody is interested in this thing called “Windows Phone whatever”. No, frigging, body. As you can see staff is basking in sun like snakes who are bored and need a tan.

What is on the show at Microsoft stand? Well, this sexy lady is:

… and she is presenting to me (as nobody else is there) what is new at Windows Phone 7.5 (“don’t you dare call it Mango!” she said). She is using HTC Titan to present Windows Phone 7.5 (main new feature being multitasking) but all over the Microsoft stand there are demo units of HTC Mozart running Windows Phone 7.5, what is silly because it is outdoors and they don’t have AMOLED screen so I couldn’t see almost anything.

Well, maybe I exaggerated that nobody is coming to Microsoft stand at IFA 2011: in fact a news crew from very big German news channel N24 was there and above mentioned lady was presenting Windows Phone 7.5 to them too. The camera man from N24 was winking to me while looking at her.

But apart from Microsoft, what is generation situation of Windows Phone at IFA this year? Well, there is progress: several companies, including Acer, HTC are presenting new phones with Mango, err, sorry, I mean Windows Phone 7.5 … and it’s much better than at IFA 2010 when there was no Windows Phone at all.

Yes, sadly in all stands where Windows Phone is present (apart from Microsoft’s own stand obviously) majority of smartphones shown is powered by Android, and Windows Phone occupies only small part of all phones shown.

Clearly highlights of IFA 2011, when it comes to Windows Phone, are HTC Titan and HTC Radar, mainly HTC Titan, but obviously Nokia has not released their phones yet, so one can say there is tranquility before storm.

Coming up, in my next news items here: photos and videos from various stands with Windows Phone stuff, including lengthy videos from Microsoft (above lady in one-on-one action with me) and from HTC (including presentation of video of wide angle cameras in HTC Titan and HTC Radar). Stay tuned…

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