IFA 2011 : HTC stand – part 1 of 2 – photos and commentary

In part 2 of this report, after uploading and processing several GB of HD video, you will be able to see in action what was going on at HTC stand at IFA 2011, including demonstration of HTC Titan and HTC Radar and their features including wide angle camera and built-in panoramic mode, including me fiddling with these 2 new Windows Phone 7.5 phones, including attention grabbing dancing routine organized at that HTC Stand.

Basically HTC was presenting several of their new and contemporary phones, whereby Android phones were in majority, but also the 2 freshly announced Windows Phone cellphone models – HTC Radar and HTC Titan – were also presented:

To be precise it’s worth mentioning that the HTC stand…

… was part of much bigger macro-stand of Brightpoint:

– a big distributor which HTC is using in Europe. All in all people were wearing HTC-branded shirts, there was some commotion and HTC stuff was well exposed. Of course it was all people hired by Brightpoint, not HTC employees per se.

So, HTC was presenting (via Brightpoint) their new 2 phones: the majestic 4.7 inch big HTC Titan and cute HTC Radar. Since Nokia is not ready yet with their Windows Phone devices and Nokia was not even present at IFA, and since Samsung prefers Android nowadays and LG too, clearly HTC was the saviour, particularly the HTC Titan that was even used for demo purposes at Microsoft stand at IFA.

HTC Radar (here in white) looks small next to HTC Titan, even though said HTC Radar has a bigger display than the iPhone:

On the back of HTC Radar one can see that it’s made of aluminum, similarly like certain Android phones from HTC:

Back side of HTC Titan looks more conservative but feels well in hand:

Here are specifications of these both phones, whereby slogans, translated from German to English were funny, for HTC Titan it was “genius idea – easy multitasking thanks to huge display”:

… and for HTC Radar it was “genius idea – save perfect moments for the eternity”:

Really? Genius idea? How about using Germans lenses in HTC phones – like Nokia is doing – that would be genius idea, but that’s another fairytale…

I must say however that what I have heard and what I was shown regarding cameras of these 2 new phones is very good: apparently, as I have been told, these cameras make better photos in low-light conditions, have wide angle (so you can take photos of more things at once) but also the camera app has built-in stitching mechanism to make panoramic photos (presented in upcoming videos in part 2 of this report), and this mechanism works similarly like making photos with PhotoSync app for iPhone with snapping points on each other (here presented in HTC Titan but obviously available also in HTC Radar):

Conclusion: HTC’s contribution to Windows Phone promotion at IFA 2011 was brilliant: they presented 2 new phones – one high-end and one middle-end, and they were proving that there is life in Windows Phone area. If you need solid Windows Phone, just skip Nokia (that is late and was not showing any Windows Phone devices at IFA 2011 at all) and get yourself some solid HTC units!

… and that HTC Titan is a stunner. Titan indeed.

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