If you think you can hack the Kinect sensor, think again!



First there was this video above of an enterprising individual gaining access to the Kinect motor and cameras. Then hot on his heals, a new video has emerged of someone else accessing the devices in just three hours and he is also providing Linux drivers for it as seen on the video below.

Microsoft for their part issued a statement after the first reported “hack” denying that the device had been hacked and discouraged anyone from tampering with the device for uses other than the ones intended.

It is interesting to see the enthusiasm of all the people out there who dream of utilizing the Kinect for purposes beyond controlling the Xbox for which Microsoft has plans too but all these exploits will have to be tempered with some reality. Wired magazine, has an extensive in-depth article: Kinect for Xbox 360: The inside story of Microsoft’s secret ‘Project Natal‘ on how the sensor came to be and the amount of research that went to making it possible to track the body and translate the actions into control commands. As you read it, you will realize that just gaining access to the cameras and sensors is the easy part. Writing the code to transform it into a controller will in no doubt take much much longer. The article however, highlights the promise and possibilities in store for the sensor as Microsoft continues to refine their code from their research and data gathered from millions users who end up purchasing the sensor.

I am also interested in the sensors technologies as it relates to mobile because of the possible uses it will bring to future versions of the Windows Phone OS.

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