The lucky Netflix users who got to briefly trial the “variable playback” feature, were sadly robbed of it not long after.

Users on Android phones could alter the speed of the video to make playback as slow as 0.25x and as fast as 2x speed.

However, after word of the feature got out, it wasn’t just non-Android users who were displeased.

Filmmaker Judd Apatow was quick to take to Twitter to express his contempt:

Terrified by Judd’s army of amateur directors, Netflix has since removed the feature, with no immediate plans to return it; though the company may consider it if they get enough *backup* from fans.

Vice President Keela Robison also responded to the criticism, arguing that YouTube, and even DVD players, permit the same feature.

Despite the departure of the feature, Netflix users can still look forward to new features in the near future, including brightness controls (unless directors have something to say about it.)

If you want to see variable playback make a return, take one for the team and contact Netflix!

Source: Engadget