If the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 lacks a headphone jack I am not buying one: Updated

AndroidAuthority reported today on two rumours from the same anonymous source.

One we have heard earlier – that the Note 10 will lack buttons, with those replaced with capacitive touch-sensitive areas.

The second is new and quite disturbing to me – that the Note 10 will lack a headphone jack.

This would make it the first flagship Samsung handset without a headphone jack, and with the device still needing a stylus would likely not bring any significant benefits in terms of thinness or other features.

It will also mean I will not bother upgrading my venerable Note 8, despite being an early adopter and regular user of Samsung’s IconX headphones. In my two odd-years of owning my Note 8 I have had to resort too many times to plugging in headphones – either for convenience or necessity.

I would like to put Samsung on notice – The reason I buy the Note range is because it has everything – I am not paying more to lose features.

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Update: Reliable leaker Ice Universe has weighed in on the rumour, saying buttons are back, but that he is not optimistic about the headphone jack.

What do our readers think? Let us know below.