If iPhone 4 users on AT&T get unlimited data, Windows Phone 7 users should get the same option


26, 2011

Author rush24 // in News


The tech blogs are abuzz with the news that AT&T is offering iPhone 4 customers unlimited data plans for $30. This is a response to Verizon wireless which has changed their plans to offer a $30 unlimited data plan for all smartphones. AT&T used to offer a similar plan before they changed it to tiered limited plans with the highest being $25 for a monthly allowance of 2 GB. I think that Windows Phone 7 customers should demand the same pricing option, or else threaten to move to Verizon. If you have a WP7 device, call AT&T and ask for the unlimited data plan. It seems that if you  were previously on a unlimited plan before the new tiered pricing came into effect, you should be able to switch back. For users who never had the unlimited plan, you may be out of luck. It therefore seems like Verizon will be gaining more customers than just iPhone switchers once Windows Phone 7 becomes available on their network. That is unless AT&T has a change of heart and matches the Big red.

Via engadget

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