If Blackberry survives, BBM may come to Windows Phone also



imageBlackberry has recently ported their proprietary messaging platform BBM to iOS and Android, though apps for neither platform is currently available after the company botched the launch last weekend.

They are however working on getting making the 60 million odd users BBM network accessible to users on other platforms, but the list unfortunately does not include Windows Phone.

This does not however mean Blackberry is opposed to expanding their net.

"BBM will not be limited to just Android or iOS. We are open to other platforms also," Gary Klassen, creator and principle of BBM said, adding, "We want more are more people to enjoy and experience BBM."

While BBM is a small network compared to the 300 million users of WhatsApp or even the 80 million users on KIK, in some regions of the world like Africa and South East Asia is is still pretty dominant, meaning having the app available to Windows Phone users will make it easier to sell the OS there.

Of course BBM for Windows Phone may be only a small priority for the beleaguered company, which is currently struggling to survive amid crashing market share and a massive failure of its new BB10 platform.

Are any of our readers hoping the app ends up on Windows Phone also? Let us know below.

Via MobileIndian.com

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