IE6 on WM demoed, coming soon



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We have heard promises that Internet Explorer 6 on Windows Mobile will be coming before the end of the year, but many people have been doubting that Microsoft could deliver.

Today Brighthand reports that Microsoft have done their part in the end, and have delivered the code to the OEM’s, who will hopefully deliver the software in new devices and as updates to existing devices soon.

According to a Microsoft spokesperson:

We recently gave Windows Mobile device makers the final updates to our new browser. It’s now up to our partners to roll out Internet Explorer Mobile 6 on their handsets; we’re expecting some of the first phones with IE6 to be available in Asia and Europe by the end of calendar year 2008, with U.S. offerings to follow.

The update will finally bring a native Web 2.0 compliant browser (even if it is IE6-based) to WindowsMobile, and in addition full support for Flash up to version 9 and also Silverlight.

The video below (from earlier this year) gives a preview of what we can look forward to. The browsing experience appears fast, and the browser appears to handle flash well, but compared to Opera Mobile 9.5 it does appear to lack the visual pizazz that is so essential these days.


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