IE6 for Windows Mobile still coming “this year”



Microsoft has been showing of its port of IE6 on the Windows Mobile platform. Tim McDonough, a senior director in Microsoft’s Windows Mobile unit, showed CNET the browser running the standard MSN home page on a Windows Mobile Standard device.

“The market today is really at ‘Can I see a page?’ Very quickly we’re getting to ‘Can I do something?'” he said. “That’s where we will really shine.” The biggest benefit will be the fact that it is the full IE 6 rendering engine, meaning that any page that renders properly in IE 6 on the PC should do just fine on Windows Mobile. The browser also promises Flash support and other improvements.

Another interesting option on IE 6 is the ability to quickly shift from a site’s mobile page to its standard desktop version. Just because IE 6 can show the full site, doesn’t mean that’s always what people want. IE 6 toggles between mobile and standard Web pages by sending a different user agent, depending on which page type a user wants to see.

McDonough didn’t offer much of an update on timing for IE 6, except to say that “it’s still this year.”

The need for an improved browser on Windows Mobile has recently become much less acute following Opera’s release of Opera Mobile 9.5 on many high-end devices and as a free beta download.

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