IE11 Surges To Double Market Share, Chrome At Two Year Low



The latest numbers from Net Applications show IE11 making big gains in the last month.  IE11 was released concurrently with Windows 8.1, but was not released on Windows 7 until early November.  IE11 gained 1.78  percentage points in November, moving from 1.49 percent to 3.27 percent.   IE10?s market share declined 1.44% to 17.50% largely due to users upgrading to IE11.  IE9 market share continued to slip to 0.24 percentage points to 9.25 percent.  IE8 continues to be the most popular browser with 21.74% market share, slipping 0.2% from last month.   Windows XP users cannot upgrade beyond IE8, I suspect IE8 will see a dramatic decline after WinXP hits end of life in 2014.  IE7 gained 0.03% to 1.34% overall, and IE6 lost 0.1% to 4.92% overall.  To summarize:

  • IE11 – 3.27%
  • IE10 – 17.5%
  • IE9 – 9.25%
  • IE8 – 21.76%
  • IE7 – 1.34%
  • IE6 – 4.92%

Overall IE now controls 58.36% of total browser market share, edging ever closer 60% which I think will be important for mind share.  Overall Firefox controls 18.54 percent market share, down 0.16% from 18.70 percent in October. Chrome ticked up 0.2% to 15.44% overall.

Browser Market Share

via Net Applications

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