IE11 on Windows Phone may support WebGL

imageWebGL is a JavaScript-based library which allows browsers to access the graphics hardware directly. Microsoft has never been a fan of the standard, as it allows data from the internet direct access to the memory and hardware of the PC, presenting a security concern.

Time has moved on however, and the standard has gained momentum, such that even Nokia’s Here maps use it to render their 3D views.

The good news then is that it seems the next version of IE, IE11 as found in the leaked Windows Blue, has hooks for supporting WebGL.

The nascent support was discovered by François Remy, who notes that while WebGL does not work yet, the interfaces are already defined.

IE11 will also pretend to be Firefox, which should help to stop the unwarranted discrimination by developers against the very capable rendering engine in the latest versions.

Any major changes in desktop IE11 are likely also to show up in the next major version of Windows Phone, expected to arrive at the end of this year.

Read more about those impending changes at Favbrowser here.

Thanks Top for the tip.