IE10 Mobile in Windows Phone 8 shows further HTML5 improvements

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WPCentral reports that the latest version of IE10 Mobile found in the Windows Phone 8 emulator has shown further improvements on the score of 300 plus 6 bonus points last recorded in May 2012.

The browser now scores 319 and 6 bonus points, up 19 points from earlier. The number is not the best in the list, with most of the very latest browsers scoring higher, but is much better than the browser in Android 4.0, which scored only 280, and we know that 80% of Android phones run an even earlier version of the browser than that.

Hopefully the browser now supports all the relevant standards which would allow web apps coded for other mobile operating systems to work on Windows Phone also. At least we assume it does not break web apps like the iPhone 5’s aggressive caching does.