IDC: Worldwide PC shipments saw a year-on-year decline of -10.8% in Q3 2015

IDC Q3 2015

IDC yesterday reported that Worldwide PC shipments was nearly 71.0 million units in the third quarter of 2015, down 10.8% from last year’s numbers. IDC said that the channel remained focused on clearing Windows 8 inventory before a more complete portfolio of models incorporating Windows 10 and Intel Skylake processors comes to the market.

While Windows 10 has generally received favorable reviews and raised consumer interest in PCs, many users opted to upgrade existing PCs rather than purchase new hardware. In addition, the unusually short time between Windows RTM (release to manufacturing) and the official retail release hampered the ability of OEMs to launch certified new models, resulting in a limited selection of Windows 10 PCs (as well as related advertising) through much of the third quarter.

“Still, there is some hope in the fourth quarter,” stated Linn Huang, IDC Research Director, Devices & Displays. “New designs running Windows 10 and powered by Intel’s new Skylake processors are coming to market and may represent the most compelling reason we’ve had in years for consumers to upgrade their PCs. Whether this compulsion translates into actual sales remains to be seen.”

Hopefully, PC market will recover this holiday season.

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